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Jordan Kruk

Remove The 'Need' For Money & Find Peace

Only for the serious individual...

How To Master Your Emotions (99% Can’t Do This)

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

~ J. Krishnamurti

This letter is not about a habit you can do whenever you feel unwanted emotions.

Nor is it about changing negative emotions into positive one’s.

For this is only temporary. It is a matter of time before you feel negative again, right?


This is for the serious indi vidual who believes it is possible to completely and utterly control his/her emotions for the rest of his/her existence.

And has the desire to find out how.


DISCLAIMER: I am a conditioned individual like you. 

I am not ‘better’ than you. 

I have not understood the intricacies of my emotions yet. 

I may have made some realizations that are absolutely true. 

But never ‘believe’ me. 

As beliefs will always be beliefs. 


As an example, I want to use the emotion of ‘stress’ in this letter.

Something I have suffered a great deal from…


Regardless of what the industry tells me… 

“Stress is normal for CEOs”.


I do not accept that stress and emotions such as anger, regret, and disappointment continue to affect my state of peace without control.


By the way, I am Jordan, 23 yrs old, did over $4M in Revenue,

Hired over 50 people and make videos on YouTube since 2012.


I share this because you have been conditioned to care about numbers and appearance.

But the truth is that it is effectiveness > appearance that works.


So what is effective?


A life where you can feel emotions on demand.

Instead of a life being run by emotions.


A life where your parents, son, or daughter pass away,

Yet you do not feel pain.


A life where your company goes bankrupt,

Yet you do not feel fear.


A life where the world is at your feet,

Yet you do not feel desire for pleasure.


THIS is a life I want.


For everything else is nonsense. 




How do we get there is my question.


We need a mind that doesn’t distort reality.

Which requires a lot of attention.

For there can be no thought:


Become free of all the illusions that THOUGHT has created.


Not what is.

But what we believe to be true.

Without even realizing it.

You see how detrimental this can be?


It is easy to defend yourself against a crocodile in front of you.

But impossible to defend yourself against a snake camouflaged next to you.

Do you see the danger?


The danger of your family.

The danger of your friends.

The danger of your YouTube feed.


You see?


When your parents talk about the rain outside, they say it is ‘bad weather’.

So since you were young, you don’t like to go outside if it rains,

Because you are conditioned to see it as bad, correct?


But in parts of Africa, kids are raised with the idea that rain is ‘good’.

And they get excited to go and play outside when it starts pouring.


Rain is not bad nor good.

It is simply part of nature.


And the people around you are leading you away from observing nature as it is.

The people you follow online are leading you away from seeing the truth.


And you do not realize it.

Because it happens very subtle for years and years since you were born.


Which brings us where we are now.


A human who is no longer a human.

Instead you have created a self image that you are attached to.

An image of yourself that dresses accordingly, speaks accordingly and believes accordingly.


You may see yourself as a successful entrepreneur and want to wear a suit.

You may see yourself as an alpha male and thus go to the gym.

You may see yourself as a fitgirl and thus wear gymshark.


All of this seems good until there is conflict with this image you created.


Don’t believe me.

Just see for yourself what happens when reality shows you that you are not so successful, fit or alpha.


Self image plays a big role in our lives and the emotions we feel.


May you see the danger of it, my friend.

The danger in all of it.


Everytime when I truly see reality as it is.

The emotion disappears without ‘effort’.


But seeing reality requires a lot of focus.

A lot of desire.

A lot of attention.


For there are many clouds, clouding our judgement.

Many beliefs in front of the facts.

Many thoughts deemed as true.


So to get back to the example I posed at the beginning of this letter…


Why do we feel stressed?

…when there are high bills to pay

…when there are lots of things to do

…when you or your employee wants to resign


Because we let our thoughts control us.

This inner voice starts speaking without noticing it.

And it is making things seem awful.


It is making us think we go bankrupt, we go homeless, we will die.

But none of it is reality.


Reality is right here, right now.

You are alive.

This is true.


You see why meditation doesn’t solve a thing here?

It only provides a temporary escape if I haven’t seen the reality of it yet.


This is probably why many people do it…


After all, it seems ‘easier’ to sit down and wim-hof breath yourself into a slow heartbeat, than actually understanding where your stress comes from, isn’t it?


So to master your emotions, you have to master your mind.

Surpass it.

Or however you want to name it.


Control your mind,

Or it will control you.

If you want to go deeper into this matter, you may watch this video next.

Here’s my poem about the essence of it all.

Because you love to be entertained & distracted while not asking yourself the important questions, don’t you?


the day we mastered our emotions (a poem)


A life where your parents, son or daughter pass away,

Yet you do not feel pain.


A life where your company goes bankrupt,

Yet you do not feel fear.


A life where the world is at my feet,

Yet we do not feel desire for pleasure’s need.


To master emotions, to destroy all fear,

I must see the illusions, see it clear.


No longer a slave to my thoughts that deceive,

I must find truth NOT MORE to believe.


For when my self-image crumbles, my illusions fade,

I finally see WHAT IS, no longer afraid.


For in clarity’s light, emotions cease,

And in THIS mastery, we find our peace.


You can watch the full video here (when released):

PS: If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it.
Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or DM me on social.
I don’t ask for money but only respond to serious people.


Who is Jordan kruk?

Filming videos since 2008.
Did $4M in Revenue.
Hired 50+ People.

But none of these matter.

I want to stop wasting time.
I want to understand life.

Through my writings, I finally see things for how they are.

I share the truths I find in my life,
So you can interpret them in a way,
That makes you leave without questions,
Other than questions for yourself,
And with understanding.

So you may stop wasting your limited time.

PS: My work is only for serious people.
The unserious stops reading here.

You can email me

If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it.

Then you can email me at [email protected]
If you provide enough context.

I may reply.
I may not.

But I do enjoy helping serious people find the truth in their own life.

PS: I don’t ask you for money.
I ask you to be serious.