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Jordan Kruk

Remove The 'Need' For Money & Find Peace

Only for the serious individual...

The #1 Secret to Create Everyday (With 0% Procrastination)

We are all creators.

The thing everyone does best,

Is find ways to avoid creating.

You came here for THE SECRET.

The 1 Trick to stop procrastinating FOREVER.

Is it possible? Is what your mind questions you…

Because the past has shown that all those techniques & methods stopped working.


So let’s be honest.

Will this thing I will share next, always work?

Probably not, for you…


But it helped me to procrastinate much less.

And create content with ease.

No effort to start writing.

In fact, I wrote this letter without procrastinating.

Whereas before I could be procrastinating for hours.


Here’s the secret:

“Create what you WANT to create”


Or if you are not a writer/content creator like me:

“Work on what you WANT to work on”


NOBODY tells you this.

EVERYONE gives you a method.

2-Minute rule this…

Pomodoro that.


And even this letter is way too instructional.


The only things that work AND KEEP working,

Are the things you find out FOR YOURSELF.


That’s how I found my way to write without effort:

I write, what I want to write about.

Or better said, I create the thing I want to explore the most.


Because if you look at what procrastination really is.

It is just delaying to work on something you do NOT WANT to work on…


But if you are a content creator like me, you can choose.

By the way, I am Jordan, did over $4M in Revenue,

Hired over 50 people and started making videos in 2012,

I share this because humans care about numbers and appearance.

But the truth is that effectiveness > appearance is what works.


And the most effective way.

Or path of least resistance.

Is to pick the thing you gravitate the most to.

The topic you want to explore the most.

The question which is most important.

The problem that is most acute.

To you.

This is NOT something that needs to be noted down.

This is NOT something you need to score in a sheet or tool like Notion.

This is something you KNOW.

This is something you FEEL.

Like a magnet, it comes to you.


“But Jordan, I have a NICHE…”

“But Jordan, I need to go VIRAL…”

“But Jordan, What about the ALGORITHM…”


F*ck your niche.


If you choose to limit yourself to a niche, procrastination becomes inevitable.

Because you are a human, with problems, questions and desires outside of a niche.

There might be a few days in a month where you are actually interested in your niche.

Start an account for every passion and tap into the flow state of creating what you WANT, every day.


Read that again.

You only procrastinate on the things, you don’t really want to do.

And why would you create things you don’t want to explore? (= trending topics)

So that you get things you don’t really want? (= money & fame)

And waste your life, never finding what you actually desire (= freedom)


If I may assume, your mind becomes ‘active’ again:

“But, I need money”


I understand.

But why do you hold the belief that you need a niche to make money?

…because everyone tells you

…because of conditioning


Ask this.

If you are serious.


“How much more would I create, if I create every day what I really want to create?”


Think about it…


This is what I do.

I have multiple accounts and write about what is most acute on a given day.

I post it on the account that makes the most sense for the algorithm.

And I make money WITHOUT wasting my time.


I can die today, at 10PM.

I have wasted enough time.

Pure art > money.


Will this mean you make less money?



So the question you may ask yourself:

“What do I NOT want?”


For me, that is wasting time.

I want to waste as least time possible.


And ironically, the world craves pure art.

Because it is nowhere to be found…

Everyone is to busy with nonsense.






Don’t you see?

Don’t you see that these aren’t the things you do not really desire?

Not because I say so. Just ask yourself!

For once. Ask yourself!



That is the question I leave you with.

You don’t need more methods.

You don’t need more videos.

You need nothing.


When you need nothing.

You will get everything.


Only the serious understands.

And if you want to know more about my ‘no niche creation process’.

You can watch this video.


Talk soon.



Full message here:

PS: If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or DM me on social. I don’t ask for money but only respond to serious people.


Who is Jordan kruk?

Filming videos since 2008.
Did $4M in Revenue.
Hired 50+ People.

But none of these matter.

I want to stop wasting time.
I want to understand life.

Through my writings, I finally see things for how they are.

I share the truths I find in my life,
So you can interpret them in a way,
That makes you leave without questions,
Other than questions for yourself,
And with understanding.

So you may stop wasting your limited time.

PS: My work is only for serious people.
The unserious stops reading here.

You can email me

If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it.

Then you can email me at [email protected]
If you provide enough context.

I may reply.
I may not.

But I do enjoy helping serious people find the truth in their own life.

PS: I don’t ask you for money.
I ask you to be serious.