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Jordan Kruk

Remove The 'Need' For Money & Find Peace

Only for the serious individual...

The Truth about Money

Money is a need until it is no longer a need.

The sooner you can realize this, the sooner you don’t need money. 


To most, it is both an illusion and a crutch. 

It provides security. 

In exchange for that security, many trade their freedom, creativity, dignity, integrity, and most importantly their very life.


All because of security.

But it is a DELUSIONAL security.


Because where are you now? 

Are you reading this under a bridge just before falling asleep in the cold wind?

You end up in jobs or businesses you don’t like because you are chasing security.


Money in itself is neither good nor bad. 

It is the attitude of the individual towards it that makes it good or bad.

If an individual sees money as a means to an end, to make their life easier, then money is a good thing.
However, if an individual becomes obsessed with money and sees it as the ultimate goal, then money can become a source of harm.


Money is simply an amplifier. 

If you are happy or miserable without money and then you have money, you will get that feeling amplified. 

Money has the power to amplify the feeling of worthlessness to the one who doesn’t have it.


Most people have an issue with money. That is:

They do not have enough.


Money is like a fire.

If the fire is small enough, it can keep you warm. 

Anything extra is a waste. 

One other truth about money is that there are a lot of myths about money. 


Money is just a tool.

A tool used to bring convenience to one’s life. 


It’s a means of exchange.
The purpose of it is to make transactions easier for individuals.
That’s why it was created.


When human beings figured out that the accumulation of money could bring to them access to food and shelter and the necessities of life, some people began to gather it and use it for their survival and their security. 


But then over time, like the way man created God in religion, man created money in society. 


Instead of money being a means to an end, money became an end in itself. 

In a sense then, money became the new God and people began to worship it.


But money is simply a tool. 

In modern society, it has become the tool for the exchange of goods and services. 


On a sidenote: the Taoists would argue that, if this is the most efficient mechanism for the exchange of goods and services (as it currently is and as it will remain for at least a few hundred more years), then this is the system we should operate in. 


The problem is that most people make it into something that it is not. 


“Money is my god. I am working to make more money and I believe that money will solve all my problems.”


The truth about money is that money is a neutral instrument. 

It cannot make you happy or unhappy. 

It is paper. 

It is an object. 

You can make it into an object of worship, and you can make it into an object of hatred. 


Money, the way it’s viewed in society, is a very interesting social phenomenon…


…When you have money, you are happy. 

…When you don’t have money you are worried. 

That’s the idea about money for most. 


Money is a symbol of social status. This is true.

When you don’t have it, you are looked down upon.


Do you fear being looked down upon?

Or afraid of never finding what you REALLY want in life?

Fear is powerful, my friend.

May you decide what to fear wisely.


The truth is that money is a means, not an aim. 

Money is a tool, not a destination. 


The obsession with “building wealth” is a mental illness (to most).

This desire for money stems from a belief that: 

“I lack something. I feel that I, myself or my life is incomplete in some way” and “by having money, I will be okay and will feel complete.


The truth about money is that for most people money has become a broker, a dropshipper:

You think money will be able to make you happy, safe, secure, and respected.

But money only provides the illusions of these things.

More so, wanting money is likely to prevent each of those possibilities from happening at all.


Money is not the problem, but your relationship with money is the problem. 

Money in and of itself is neutral. 

It is not good and it is not bad, it is not positive and it is not negative; money just is. 

The problem is your relationship with it. 

People do not see this. Even poor people do not see this. 

They think that if only they had more money, then they would be happy.


The entire concept of money, like time, is a human fabrication. 

It does not exist other than in the mind.


Money is a placeholder. 

It’s a concept. It’s a story. It’s a fable. 


It can only do three things: 

  1. it can be earned, 
  2. it can be stored, 
  3. it can be exchanged. 


That’s it. 

It’s a practical solution just like language.

Money is a storage of value.

Not YOUR value.

Not YOUR worth.

Not even YOUR money.


Because think about it…


Who created this insane drive within you?

Who lighted this burning flame?


I’m not here to tell you I know. That would be a lie.


I don’t know.

And I don’t know to whom ‘MY’ money belongs.

But it can’t be ‘myself’.

If my ‘self’ doesn’t exist.


The ‘self’ is fabricated and so is ‘MY money’.

The ‘self’ is an illusion that causes suffering
And so will ‘MY money’ cause pain if I see it as ‘mine’.


Money can provide freedom.

Freedom from having to survive.

And when you’re not worried about survival, you’re free to pursue other things.


Pursuing the accumulation of money BEYOND survival is a distraction from the real pursuit few will find in life.


Money is a pursuit until your passion is the pursuit.

Money is a necessity until your talent is the necessity.

The sooner you immerse yourself in your talent,   

Talent is hidden until it can no longer hide.


Your relationship with money is a reflection of your relationship with your mind.

If you want to learn more about the mind, you may watch this video next.


Talk soon



PS: here is my poem about the essence of this letter.


The truth about money (a poem)


Money is a need until it’s not,

A truth that many have forgot.


Security it seemed to bring,

Shelter, food, and everything.

But man made money more than this,

A god to chase, a fleeting bliss.


It promises peace, a life so grand,

Yet binds us tight with golden bands.

Jobs we hate, lives we despise,

Chasing status that hypnotize.


Money, a tool, not the aim,

A fleeting spark, not the flame.

Passion, talent, let THEM lead,

And you’ll find you have all you NEED.


True freedom shines when needs are met,

As these callings become your biggest get.


The sooner you can follow what it craves, your soul,

The quicker money’s grip will lose its hold.


You can watch the full video here:

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If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it.

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