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Jordan Kruk

Remove The 'Need' For Money & Find Peace

Only for the serious individual...

You are the Niche – Personal Branding for the Multi-Passionate Creatives

Should you niche down for the algorithm? Is the question that plagues us all
At least subconsciously

It could be one of the reasons why I have these perceived moments where I just can’t create
And I think you can relate
It’s not that we both don’t have ideas, it’s when we have too many

There is an abundance of ideas
The desire to create what one TRULY wants is scarce

Let me repeat that

You don’t lack ideas
You lack desire to create what YOU want to create

Why is this true?

Well, look for yourself at the moments when it feels effortless to start and keep creating.

It’s never the project you MUST do…
It’s rarely the project you purely do for the money or external factors like the algorithm
It’s always the one you FEEL you want to create
Even IF all other options are practically easier/faster/better financially

It reminds me of Alan Watts

“What would you do if money was no object?

How would you really be spending your time?
You do that…and forget the money”

Alan can say what he wants
I can say what I want
But you have to give yourself permission

You are the ONLY one who CAN give yourself permission to create the things for its own sake
Not the money
Not the algorithm
Not anything external

And if you do that, if you can give yourself that permission, you will be discovered.

It may take years.
It may take a decade.
But the world is craving for an authentic artist like you.


Because they are so rare.

Everyone is average.
Everyone has a niche.
Everyone does the same.
And everyone is unhappy.

So my question to you:

Is it worth compromising your freedom?

This poem is one of the many thing I like to create
Its the blessing and the curse of the jack of all trades

If you are like me, and have this multi-passionate trait
The writer, the poet, the artist at heart
Can’t help themselves from creating that art

You might suppress it for 1 or 5 years
Before it finds its way through and reappears

Don’t ever tell yourself money is the problem
What you truly desire is that artistic freedom

There is an artist inside of you
Deep down there, you know it’s true

The freedom to create:
• What you want,
• Where you want,
• When inspiration strikes

Cannot be compromised.
Creative freedom is not for sale.
Only to those who will die with regrets.

And you know what?

THAT true freedom is available to you today.
It is not something you have to wait for.

You don’t have to wait like you have to wait to build your dream house because you need a million dollars.

That artistic freedom and everything that comes with it, is available to you today.
And it is not bad if you don’t embrace it today.

It is not bad if you come back to this post 10 years from now.
The question is, is that acceptable to you?
That you waste 10 years of your life not working on the things you truly want to do for its own sake?

To me, it is not.
Make a compromise, become a prisoner.

I might have 1 day left.
I might have 60 years left.
It doesn’t matter. Right now I have.
Tomorrow maybe just already left…

If I want a fulfilled life I only make compromises on the things that don’t really matter to me

You may think about doing the same…
When you go down this path of uncompromise

The natural question that may arise is:
“how do I make money then?”
And it’s a fair question

I can’t give you an answer because I haven’t done this while creating my art yet
But it is exactly what I am figuring out, as we speak.
And I will figure it out, so if you want to follow my journey, you know what to do…

By the way I am Jordan did over $4M in revenue, hired over 40 people, create videos since 2012 and showing you how I grow my personal brand and achieve financial freedom without wasting time in the journey to get there.

Writing is at the core of everything I do, including this post.
And when I wrote this piece I got curious who would actually read this…
Are you a painter? Designer? Or writer like me? Let me know (you can email me at [email protected])

Talk soon

Procrastination: My Oldest Frenemy (a poem)

You can’t do anything, because you want to do everything?

That happened to me
I guess I just want to be free
Not to niche down, but explore my passions
But sometimes too much, that I don’t take actions

We both love that feeling of deep concentration
So how can you stop procrastinating?

There is no tip, there is no hack
You can’t play defense, you must attack

Out of all those things in front of you
Pick the one you naturally pursue

Remember you are the niche, you are 1 of 1
Start creating that thing and have some fun

You can watch the full video here:

PS: if you want to know more about more, you may watch this video next.


Who is Jordan kruk?

Filming videos since 2008.
Did $4M in Revenue.
Hired 50+ People.

But none of these matter.

I want to stop wasting time.
I want to understand life.

Through my writings, I finally see things for how they are.

I share the truths I find in my life,
So you can interpret them in a way,
That makes you leave without questions,
Other than questions for yourself,
And with understanding.

So you may stop wasting your limited time.

PS: My work is only for serious people.
The unserious stops reading here.

You can email me

If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it.

Then you can email me at [email protected]
If you provide enough context.

I may reply.
I may not.

But I do enjoy helping serious people find the truth in their own life.

PS: I don’t ask you for money.
I ask you to be serious.