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When Inspiration Knocks, OPEN THE DOOR

When inspiration knocks,
Open the door.

Inspiration is like a candle.

If you don’t bring the flame.

It won’t give you the light.


Don’t try to explain inspiration.

You feel it.

And that’s all you need to know.




You don’t feel it often, do you?

But you love this feeling.


You love the feeling of acting on that inspiration.

The flow state you get in…

The work of art you end up with.


It’s beauty.

It’s art.


It’s unexplainable.

Don’t try to my friend.

I hear you thinking…

Don’t try to explain inspiration.

For you will destroy it.


You will lose it, like this.


Inspiration is like a vulnerable flame.

If you don’t protect it, the wind of doubt will extinguish it.

But why do it?

Why write that thing?

Why sing that first line?

Why paint that first paint?

Why draw those first dots?


So you can connect them.

So you can lose yourself in the dots.





Inspiration is a gift.
Don’t reject it.

So LIGHT UP that candle when you feel it.

So it can become the flame in your life.

The light in the dark.

The bliss in a day full of thoughts.


What happens when you don’t?

Would you live life without life?

Continue living in darkness?


Don’t you see?


How much light it gives you…


Don’t you see?


How much warmth it gives you…


Don’t you see?


How much energy it blows you…




Take a moment to close your eyes.

And think about the last time when you were so inspired.

Maybe it was a song, short movie clip, poem or sentence, or even nature itself.


Take a moment with your eyes closed.


Never forget that feeling my friend.

May you never lose it.


Most memories are useless

But this may be the only one that serves you.


Don’t lose your candle.

It can keep you warm forever.


Until the day arrives when the wind will blow its last breath…


Until then…

May you see the truth.

The truth of inspiration.

And may you immerse yourself in the POWER OF IT.


May you remember.

The knock on the door.

What the door looks like.

What the sound feels like.

How it moves your eardrums.


When inspiration knocks.



Talk soon



when inspiration knocks, open the door (a poem)


Creative person listen up,

When inspiration calls, don’t tell it to sh*t up.


In the darkness, in the daily grind,

Let it illuminate your heart and mind.

A constant friend, a light to share,

Inspiration candle’s always there.


Guard this flame with all your heart,

Don’t let doubts blow it away.

Connect the dots, get lost in them,

And let your inspiration play.


To connect the dots, to make art.

That’s why you create, this is why you start.


So next time…

When inspiration comes knocking on your door,

Open that damn thing, do not ignore.



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PS: If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or DM me on social. I don’t ask for money but only respond to serious people.


Who is Jordan kruk?

Filming videos since 2008.
Did $4M in Revenue.
Hired 50+ People.

But none of these matter.

I want to stop wasting time.
I want to understand life.

Through my writings, I finally see things for how they are.

I share the truths I find in my life,
So you can interpret them in a way,
That makes you leave without questions,
Other than questions for yourself,
And with understanding.

So you may stop wasting your limited time.

PS: My work is only for serious people.
The unserious stops reading here.

You can email me

If you try to find the truth in a specific situation in your own life, but can’t seem to find it.

Then you can email me at [email protected]
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I may reply.
I may not.

But I do enjoy helping serious people find the truth in their own life.

PS: I don’t ask you for money.
I ask you to be serious.