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To the one who wants his brain to shut up3 min read

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

~ Rumi

Imagine you would no longer hear thoughts throughout the day.

No thoughts when you receive a ‘bad’ email.

No stress when something ‘bad’ happens in your life.

How great would it be if we only think WE want to?


Because you don’t like those negative feelings that come from your thoughts, do you?

I mean, you would never CHOOSE to get them if you only HAD the power to control them, right?


What if I told you, that you CAN take control…


You would be sceptical right?

Because for your whole life, you haven’t been able to think only when you want to think.


But what if you CAN?


Like how you turn on the water cooker for your morning tea.

That you can turn it OFF when your tea is done.


That you can turn off thoughts when you no longer need them.


“Silence is the language of god,

All else is poor translation.”

~ Rumi

So I am not saying that thoughts would never arise again.

Although a possibility, this is not what I mean.


What I am trying to make you see is a state where IF a thought arises it goes away EFFORTLESSLY.


Not to meditate to get rid of thoughts temporarily.

But for the thoughts to disappear, every time when they come.


So no practices.

Because all the practices require ‘CONSISTENT EFFORT’.

I am looking for an  


If you are too, keep reading.


By the way, if you’re new here, I am Jordan, 23 yrs old, did over $4M in Revenue,

Hired over 50 people and make videos on YouTube since 2012.


Let us first look at why…

Why do we want our minds to shut up?

Well, I like to look at the consequences of NOT doing so.


So what are the consequences of the ‘average mind’?



Which can lead to lots of undesired actions.

Junk food, addictions, and so on…


Don’t we become the puppet of our master?

Where our master is our thoughts?


For instance, a thought arises: “I want to eat chips, they look delicious. After you eat them you can get back to work. Don’t worry, you are healthy, a bit of chips is fine”.


You act on this thought by going to the drawer, unpacking the chips and starting to eat them.


Even though you don’t really want to.

I mean, I have never heard anyone say “I want to eat chips whenever the thought arises”…


So one of the consequences of the average mind is unwanted actions.

Moreover, lots of pain, and lots of conflict.

In this example, one part is saying: DON’T EAT THE CHIPS.

But your mind is telling you to do it, and you do it, so you feel even more pain afterward.


So to the one who really wants all of this to stop.

And only think when it is USEFUL.


“How can I get there?” 


Let me ask you this:


“Imagine you were sitting in a park, working on your iPad.
If you KNEW every time when you heard a thought that it was NOT YOU, but an external monster that was talking to you, how EASY would it be to walk to another park bench where it is silent?”


Walking to that other bench where you can hear nature’s nature again, wouldn’t feel like effort, would it?


THIS is what I mean.


It is the very recognizing this monster each time that will bring you back to the silence of the park without effort.


To recognize this, we have to see there are 2 things, you see?

And so far I assume you have BELIEVED you are the one that is talking inside your head, correct?


If you ask yourself, IF I am not this voice in my head, then who am I?


Then be aware that this question is more difficult to answer than the question:


“Who am I not?”


The more I find out for myself, who I am NOT,
The closer I get to who I AM.

The more clothes I leave behind.

The more self-images I have seen through.

The more false beliefs I discover.


The closer I get to reality.

And in reality, there is no thought, is there?


Don’t believe me…

Just listen.

Right now.



“What do you truly, honestly hear?”

If you start laughing…

I’m with you.


May you hear it, my friend.


Talk soon



And here is my poem that summarizes the essence of my letter.


The dogs in your park (a poem)


Imagine a day with no thoughts at all,

No worries, no stress, no negative call.

No stress from an email that’s gone wrong,

No worries to carry all day long.


What if I told you, you hold the key?

To control your thoughts, to let them be.


You’d doubt it, I’m sure, it sounds so strange,

A lifetime of listening to this inner voice is hard to change.


But think of a hot water for morning tea,

You turn it off when you’re ready, you see?

Just like thoughts, you have control,

Turn them off, and regain your soul.


Imagine this: you’re in a park so green,

And your thoughts are annoying dogs IF they’re seen.

When you see these dogs, you find a quiet spot in the park,

WITHOUT any effort to stop their bark.


May you recognize the dogs, know it’s not you,

So you can hear the silence, pure and true.


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